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QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

What is QR Code Tracking?

QR Code Generator

Our simple to use “web based” platform allows you to see what codes are working in real time! Create, Track and Develop QR Codes for your business.

Microsoft Tags

QR Path is a leading developer in not only QR Codes but Microsoft Tags as well too. Track both side by side to see which code is better.

Mobile Website Builder

Keeping with mobile development strategies, QR Path offers a complete online mobile website builder for you to create an optimized mobile experience.

Facebook Demographics

With our latest Facebook API integration we allow you to capture user demographics when people scan your codes. This is a great way to track usage.

Mobile Photo Galleries

When creating product specific pages you now have a great opportunity to create mobile photo galleries to showcase and display your product details visually.

QR Code Designs

QR Path gives you access to experienced designers and developers to customize your QR Code or Microsoft Tag to match your company brand/ image.

QR Code Marketing

Want to Know More About QR Codes?

Find out more about how QR Codes work and how they help businesses retain customers and increase sales.

QR Code Tracking

Why choose QR Path technology?

Smart Online Technology

QR Code Reports

QR Path is an innovator in QR Code scanning, tracking and development. We focus on the needs of individual businesses and users a like. By narrowing our efforts in training and educating clients we empower the QR Code user to succeed. With advancements in mobile applications and web development QR Path is a “one stop shop” for mobile business.

QR Codes and MS Tags

QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

QR Path offers advanced QR Code technology along with Microsoft Tag development. After all why use just one form of mobile tagging when you can use the top two main platforms and track them simultaneously side by side. Utilizing both MS Tags and QR Codes allows you to captivate the entire mobile market and increasing your mobile usage, versus choosing a singular platform for distribution.

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Mobile Web Site Development

Mobile Site Builder

Where do people go when they scan your QR Code? If you said your website then you should reconsider your QR Code campaigns. The truth is many phones have low bandwidth, cannot support flash and have a tough time loading “regular” desktop Web Sites. What do you want your customers to see when they scan your code? A page that takes forever to load? Or a quick simple, to the point mobile optimized site that sells?

Product Specific Advertising

Targeted QR Code Advertising

QR Path helps you set campaigns and exclusive mobile optimized pages that are “product specific” giving scanners the ability to avoid the fluff and get right to the information they need. All of our product specific pages can be controlled and created through our online dashboard along with your QR Codes and Microsoft Tags giving you a complete ready to use system.

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